I See Vimto In You

I See Vimto In You

"As a creative sometimes it's hard to translate your idea of what the music should be, but Mushka got it immediately and created an amazing piece"

Matthew Mifsud - Creative Director
Eyes open now...we know you're a rebellious lot!!! Vimto has done something rather different with its marketing campaign, a disruptive, ‘anti advertising’ approach has captured the brand’s cheeky personality. It’s not every day an advert says ‘Close your eyes’ or an Instagram account instructs ‘Do not follow’. This meant that we needed to create a piece of music that was able to stand on it's own as a great piece of music if people chose to close their eyes. But a track that also complimented the pictures should some naughty people like you keep their eyes open. We crafted a delighfully relaxing classical piece with a vocal melody to carry the listener through. It’s an approach that worked, the campaign has won awards and seen the brand jump a staggering £10million in value.

I See Vimto In You

Agency  ///  Quiet Storm

Creative Director  ///  Matthew Mifsud

Agency Producer  ///  Alex Azis

Composer  ///  Adriano Aponte

Winner Digital Campaign - The Drum Marketing Awards 2019

Campaign of the Year - The Drum Advertising Awards Finalist 2018

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