Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding

It's noisy out does your brand cut through?

Rather than shouting louder and louder, it's a better idea to shout cleverer. Music and sound surround us in our everyday lives and can affect our reactions and feelings about products and brands. The space for audio branding is growing by the day with voice assistants, phones and teched up products. How can your brand breakthrough all the distraction? Sonic branding helps your customers connect and creates an immediately recognisable audio signature across your brand communications so your audience can identify with you. We have crafted mnemonics,branding assets and channel identities for BBC One, CBeebies, Mastercard, Channel 4, Paramount, Sky and lots of other happy customers. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Sonic Branding

Our team makes us unique. We work with experienced professionals from different fields to give us an all round perspective on our projects. Henry Daw (Nokia and Microsoft) Audio UX and sound designer with vast experience of device sounds and interaction. Becky Grove (Producer at Fallon & VCCP) brings the agency view. And Pervez Gibbs (Somo Global & founder at Ignition Marketing) delivers branding and marketing strategies.

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