CBBC & CBeebies

CBBC & CBeebies

CBBC & Cbeebies are the BBC's children's channels. Launched in 2002 we worked with Lambie Nairn to create the music, the sound of the green and yellow 'bugs' and the iconic 'CBeebies' branding
How do you create a world of sound for the simple blob like characters that were to become the face of the BBC's new children's channels? That was the task we were set in 2002 as the world of multiple tv channels was taking off. The BBC wanted distinctive branding that would enable their offering to stand out and define the feel of the brand. We began with the sound of the bugs, how they move and what they do all contributed to how we approached the task. It had to be friendly, naturally, and also adaptable to the numerous different films it needed to work across. Once we had defined that key sound, we built a world of audio around it. For CBBC, all the action took place in a moving, living backdrop so we developed a sound for the world of the CBBC bugs against which all the scenes were set. We were then asked to create musical identities for each channel that were related, but distinct, in line with the different age ranges for each one. CBBC has an ireverant and catchy mnemonic. And CBeebies is defined by the iconic 'CBeebies' shout that millions of children have grown up with. Over fifteen years of branding for CBeebies and it's still going strong!!!

Altogether now..."CBeebies, CBeebies"

CBBC & CBeebies

Agency  ///  Lambie Nairn

Client  ///  BBC

Composers  ///  Robin Datta, Ben Lord, Tim Rabjohns & Gad Arnon

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