Wine Gums

Wine Gums

"It was great to be allowed to go all out whacky when creating ideas for this wonderful ad"

Ben Lord - Composer
We loved working with Garth Jennings (director of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Son of Rambow) and Nick Goldsmith on this absolutley crazy advert for the ever favourite Wine Gums. When they asked us to do something 'out there' they really meant it, pushing us to go further than you'd normally expect for an advert. When you have references such as Perrey & Kingsley and the early days of experimental sampling you know it's going to be a wonderful experience to work on a project. We are delighted with the results.

Maynard says "Chew" and we're not going to mess with him!!

Wine Gums

Agency  ///  Fallon

Agency Producer  ///  Michael MacMillan

Production Company  ///  Hammer & Tongs

Director  ///  Garth Jennings

Composers  ///  Ben Lord & Robin Datta

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