Chemistry That Matters

Chemistry That Matters

"Robin's unique gifts as a communicator make him the best person I know to explain what is needed for a brief"

Giles Stanley
We love collaboration here at Mushka Music, so this ad for Sabic was a perfect fit for us. We were asked to develop music for their global campaign that reflected Sabic's ethos of cooperation and sustainability. We weaved our sounds into the film and around the children working together to build a pretty amazing looking treehouse. "At Sabic sustainability is a way of ensuring success for generations to come. Collaboration is at the centre of everything we do. We’re working with our partners today to solve tomorrow’s challenges".

We worked with Joshua Pacey, an award winning, up and coming, film composer to compose and produce our track. A simple piano motif grows throughout the piece and is joined by other instrumentation all working together to carry us to a heart warming crescendo.

Chemistry That Matters

Agency  ///  McCann London

Agency Producer  ///  Serena Freeman

Production Company  ///  Canada

Director  ///  Miguel Campana

Composer  ///  Joshua Pacey

Artist Management  ///  Giles Stanley

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