Crime & Investigation

Crime & Investigation

"We now have a clearer positioning and a more contemporary look and feel...a distinctive, modern package about which we are all hugely proud"

Amanda Hill - A+E Networks
Dixon Baxi asked us to create the sound and music for the new channel branding for Crime & Investigation on A+E Networks. Slow moving films with a focus on detail gave us the challenge of how to draw attention to the smaller, overlooked aspects of everyday moments that reveal a hidden truth. Using a combination of sharp detailed sound design and a musical theme running through each different vignette we created a world of sound for the channel. Like the crime shows on C&I we honed in on what might be missed and created an environment around and outside of what was on screen. Fantastic visuals from Dixon Baxi and awesome design work.

Crime & Investigation

Agency  ///  Dixon Baxi

Agency Producer  ///  Michelle Hung

Composer & Sound Design  ///  Conor O'Brien

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