The different scenes are brought together by the musical theme running throughout the varied pieces

WCRS asked us to compose a piece of music across four films as part of BMW's sponsorship of Film4. The challenge was to keep a sense of identity thoughout the different compositions while adapting the musical theme across the varied films. We created a simple motif that worked across different instrumentation, styles and tempos which gave us the opportunity to adapt over the four scenes. As these bumpers were in the ad breaks of Hollywood films, we had to create something that sounded as good as the films looked. And the mystery and intrigue is heightened by some beautiful shots from Chris & Sam (directors).


Agency  ///  WCRS

Creatives  ///  Billy Faithful & Ross Neil

Production Company  ///  Hungryman

Directors  ///  Chris&Sam

Composers  ///  Robin Datta & Ben Lord

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